GYManage Spa

GYManage SPA- is a system that is designed for aesthetic and spa centers. The program will enable employees to work more quickly, automating the entire system, allowing management to follow the steps of business development.

GYManage SPA- maintains the customer and staff data, enabling you to track the activities of employees and customer’s attendance history which helps the company to make discount systems or proposals.

Customer’s services are implemented through the registration process, enabling calls in advance and service reservations.

The data of the program allows you to follow the usage of products, sales and purchase, circulation of materials, and helps the accountants to work quickly and without any error possibility.

GYManage SPA- center provides safe and high quality work process, gives an opportunity to make visible the whole working process.

Center staff is always by your side, ready to offer a solution for every problem, providing staff trainings, new and exciting solutions for the business process.



Negotiable price

  • High reliability and security of cloud servers.
  • The system is available from anywhere where there is the internet access.
  • The system is applicable even without professional equipment or servers.
smartGYManage SPA