About Us

Your reasonable decision

We offer business process automation systems, and over 9 years of work, we have developed 5 powerful business automation platforms. As Smart Production LLC, we began functioning in 2011, inspired by SAAS (Software as a Service). Thenceforth we provide detailed automation of business processes in accordance with local and foreign requirements.
In 2012 Smart Production forms a department called Smart web, which had a photo and video shooting studio in parallel. At that time Smart Web was specialized in web site design and technical support,  development of Android based apps. In fact, it was also the period of significant cooperation with companies like KILIKIA beer factory, Bari Samaratsi, Grand Candy, Ashtarak Kat.
Cooperation with Ashtarak Kat was a turning point. HR, an electronic control automation system, was developed jointly to regulate a number of functions and verify their compliance with current legislation.
Smart Web was also creating online stores using online payment systems, as well as Cell & Go automation for corporate customers.
Currently, Smart Production presents new systems for business automation designed for restaurants (SmartRest), fitness clubs (GYManage fitness), spas and aesthetic centers, dental clinics, clinics (GYManage SPA), various both internal and external manufacturing process optimization usage(SmartFactory).These four systems are of high quality after-sales service and are actively used in the mentioned above areas.

Working with Us

Our motivation is the unconditional love towards creation, gratification and ultimate result. The aspiration for new and effective solutions.
In Smart Production, we work closely with you to create customized business solutions that are tailored to your exact needs. We employ various  technical and analytical techniques to solve any problem and deliver a practical solution, that is so easily implemented and used.
We are here to guide and help you whether you are in the actual process or making a fresh start.

Our Mission

Ensure life and business quality growth by creating reliable and decent jobs.

Our Goal

Simplify your business processes by promoting more efficient and targeted use of your resources.

Our Principles

1. Consistency: we strive for thorough and complete work so that each process goes its own way of dynamic development.

2. Partnership: Smart Production client is our partner.

3. Contentment: collaboration is a pleasure for both our partner and us.

4. Edification: Our decisions and actions are aimed at building and improving.