DELIVERY vs CRISIS: We are ready to overcome the crisis

Through years businesses have continuously faced many obstacles. And surprisingly not only many of them stayed afloat during the hard times but also a good number of those managed to keep on rocking the stage. Superpowers? The reality is, those obstacles help as evince flexibility and creativity.SmartRest delivery and automation

They say: "There is a wish, there is a way".

And here comes the birth story of our new, automated delivery website called SmartRest Delivery, which will be a real help for many businesses outhere. Let us show you how:

 On your SmartRest Delivery page you place the menu of your restaurant, cafe or other gastro corner.

Thus giving your customer:

  • The ability to order locally,

  • The opportunity to be closer to you,

  • The possibility to pay online.


  •  To introduce Your new offers: combos, discounts online,

  •  To independently arrange more affordable and faster delivery.

Additionally, This delivery site is attached to the Armenian-made SmartRest automation system to facilitate the entire process.

And if you already have a website, this e-commerce site can easily be integrated with your website.

Crises are times for deep thinking, problem identification, and wise action. And since foreseeing everything is impossible, you should make the right use of your time, be flexible, and you will be armed to go through both peaceful and difficult times with your business.